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Grant Pauls

14k Gold Round Raven Pendant

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This 14k gold laser Round Raven pendant was created by artist Grant Pauls.

The pendant measures 1.25″ in height and 1.25″ in width.

  • Designed by Grant Pauls

    Grant Pauls is a Tahltan Nation artist well known for his intricate cut-out silver and gold jewellery. He studied with renowned carver, Terrence Campbell from Prince Rupert, BC. Grant uses a combination of different jewellery making techniques to produce his Tahltan pieces with a modern flare.

  • The Raven Symbol in Indigenous Art

    Known as the Trickster, the Raven is one of the most familiar characters in Indigenous stories and culture. Although his role varies from one culture to the next, the Raven is a primary crest and among the most common of all Northwest Coast jewelry designs. As the Raven has the power to transform itself or other beings, he is kindred with transformation and transition.

  • 14k Gold Pendant, Made in BC, Canada

    "14k Gold Round Raven Pendant" and all First Nations Gallery jewelry is made on reservation land, located in what is known as North Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. This pendant can be strung on any chain, sold separately.