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Grant Pauls

Sterling Silver & Gold Salmon Eye Pendant

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This laser cut sterling silver & 18k gold salmon eye pendant was created by artist Grant Pauls.

The pendant measures 1 1/3″ in height by 2/3″ in width.

Chain not included.

  • Designed by Grant Pauls

    Grant Pauls is a Tahltan Nation artist well known for his intricate cut-out silver and gold jewellery. He studied with renowned carver, Terrence Campbell from Prince Rupert, BC. Grant uses a combination of different jewellery making techniques to produce his Tahltan pieces with a modern flare.

  • The Salmon Symbol in Indigenous Art

    Salmon are honoured and celebrated by all coastal people as the fish serve as a powerful symbol of regeneration, self-sacrifice and perseverance. The historically abundant fish are viewed as a life source for many Indigenous communities; as a result, representing regeneration and health.

  • Sterling Silver Pendant with 18k Gold Eye, Made in BC, Canada

    "Sterling Silver & Gold Salmon Eye Pendant" and all First Nations Gallery jewelry is made on reservation land, located in what is known as North Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.