Our Sources for Indigenous Jewellery Knowledge and Information

Our Sources for Indigenous Jewellery Knowledge and Information

First Nations Gallery is a one-of-a-kind place. Our jewellery tells stories, and in your hands, it will create memories. We pride ourselves in presenting well-researched information about Northwest Coast culture and jewellery. We are honoured to share ourselves with you through our designs which are the artwork of our lives. 

While exploring our website, you will find stories of the people, places, experiences and symbols of our culture. These stories draw on research from various authors with backgrounds such as art, history and cultural studies, among many others. We are dedicated to sharing veracious knowledge about our culture. Although not all of the works cited are written by Indigenous authors, we have appropriately researched each source to ensure its credibility. 

You can expect to find knowledge and stories from numerous experts and persons with lived experiences. Our featured authors have diverse backgrounds. You will find stories from students of the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts (NCJA) programme and their works (Sacred Silver Stories). You will also encounter knowledge from gallery owners such as Cheryl Shearar, a University of British Columbia graduate and owner of the Salmonberry Gallery in Toronto. The collection of authors cited throughout our website represents a varied and credible group. We are eager to share these stories and knowledge with you.


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