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nu chexw men wa ha7lh?
Hello, are you well?
(as translated from the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh sníchim)

Welcome to First Nations Gallery, an online marketplace for Indigenous artists to sell their jewelry and accessories. Browse earrings, rings, necklaces, belt buckles, and more – all crafted by Indigenous artists in Canada.

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Silver & Gold Salmon PendantSilver & Gold Salmon Pendant
  • The Raven

    Known as the Trickster, the Raven is one of the most familiar characters in Indigenous stories and culture. Sometimes selfish and chaotic, sometimes nurturing and caring, the Raven is forever respected for containing multitudes.

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  • The Orca / Killer Whale

    Both revered and feared, the killer whale has a long history of being the hunter of the sea. In recent years, with dwindling Salish Sea Orca population, we have come to cherish and celebrate how this matriarchal-led species is fighting to regain it's rightful position in the natural world.

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  • The Frog

    The Frog is often heard before it is seen, so to understand the language of the Frog is to have a friend in all places. Celebrated for their communication, they are a cherished for their ability to alert us to danger or comfort us in the darkest of nights.

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  • John Velten

    Possessing over 10 years of drawing and illustrative practice as well as three years of fine arts production, John creates art in the real world and the Metaverse. John's roots are German and Dene and growing up in Kwikwetlem (Coquitlam), his design mostly reflect the Coast Salish style.

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  • Mark Preston (Tenna-Tsa-Teh)

    From Tlingit and Irish roots, Mark is a an artist who favours the Tlingit Native art form in a variety of mediums including metal, stone, painting, etc. You will find minimalism and abstraction in his work, which features much Northwest Coast formline shapes and family crests.

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  • Shawna Kiesman

    Born in Prince Rupert, raised in Victoria, Shawna's artistic practice spans digital art, textiles, drawing, painting, and now metal. Her mother is Tsimshian/Nisga’a and her father is Haida/German. Shawna's formline design is often sought after for its colour and sense of wonder.

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Frog is the first to see, the first to speak.

Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Frog Pendant