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John Velten

Deep Wisdom Pendant

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An owl feels spiritual by nature. It's flight silent, movement swift, and character wise. This piece is meant to reflect the balance we strive to attain in life. Reflecting a perception of depth through chromatic colour, also representing a spectrum of who we are as people integrated together from all around the globe. An inclusive atmosphere for each of us, gathering knowledge from each others culture and experiences. Turned into generational wisdom and see through the darkness. 

  • Designed by John Velten

    Born and raised in Kwikwetlem (Coquitlam), John's mixed roots stem from Europe, with German ancestry, and North-West Territories, with Dene ancestry. These contrasting lineages speak to his perspective, ability as an artist and affluence of different cultures.

  • The Owl Symbol in Indigenous Art

    This nocturnal hunting bird is a strong and silent flier with acute hearing and vision, and a haunting call. As in many other cultures, Northwest Coast people believe that the Owl has great powers of wisdom, foreknowledge and perception. These birds are known for their wisdom as they are quiet and calculating rather than vocal and impulsive.

  • Sterling Silver Pendant, Made in BC, Canada

    "Deep Wisdom Pendant" and all First Nations Gallery jewelry is made on reservation land, located in what is known as North Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. This pendant can be strung on any chain, sold separately.