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Mark Preston

Butterfly Earrings

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Contemporary Butterfly Earrings by Mark Preston

Sterling Silver 7.7 grams

  • Designed by Mark Preston

    Mark Preston (Tenna-Tsa-Teh) is of Tlingit and Irish ancestry and presently resides in the Yukon. He studied silver carving with well known master jeweler and carver Phil Janze (Gitskan Nation). Preston cites Mark Rothko and Jack Bush as influences in his more recent paintings and artworks which transcend the traditional Tlingit Native art form and move him closer into the abstract and contemporary realm.

  • The Butterfly Symbol in Indigenous Art

    Recognized for its short and dramatic life cycle, the Butterfly is often symbolic of change and renewal in Northwest Coast artwork. In some Haida stories, Butterfly is Raven’s companion who leads Raven to food sources or uncovers the hiding places of treasure and luck. Butterfly is a minor crest figure and sometimes appears simply as decoration because of its beauty and grace.

  • Sterling Silver Earrings, Made in BC, Canada

    "Butterfly Earrings" and all First Nations Gallery jewelry is made on reservation land, located in what is known as North Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.