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John Velten

Element: Water Earrings

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A vital source for humanity. It's kinetic, and thermal energy have built civilizations. Growing from its power, we breathe life when consumed. Water's traits are admirable, it's form beautiful, and existence essential to all life.

Stillness, quiet, strength, and purification

Weight: 6.8g

Material: Sterling Silver (Pure)

Size: L 31.75 W 19.05 H 0.8

  • Designed by John Velten

    Born and raised in Kwikwetlem (Coquitlam), John's mixed roots stem from Europe, with German ancestry, and North-West Territories, with Dene ancestry. These contrasting lineages speak to his perspective, ability as an artist and affluence of different cultures.

  • The Four Elements in Indigenous Art

    Four is often seen as a scared number, representative of the elements, the directions, the quadrants of the body, and so on. Earth, Air, Water, and Fire are treated as gifts, not to be forsaken or wielded with ill intent. To connect with one or all of these elements is to understand harmony, balance, and the ingredients of a good life.

  • Sterling Silver Earrings, Made in BC, Canada

    "Element: Water Earrings" and all First Nations Gallery jewelry is made on reservation land, located in what is known as North Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.